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South Breaks - Winds of Destiny Book 1

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A Lost Love. A Broken Destiny. A New Chance.

Throughout her whole life, South has given everything to the Holy Empire, her magic, her power, her children, even her beloved Moon. The only thing left to give is her life. When a rockfall kills everyone on her journey to her death except her and her guide, South is tossed back into the life that was stolen from her when she was a child – with a family only she can protect.

Torn between grief for Moon and love for her newfound family, South struggles to find a purpose for her life and powers. Just as she settles in, the Priests she escaped wreak new havoc on her family, abducting South’s niece. Rescuing the girl means sneaking back into the Empire, where discovery would result in painful death.

South Breaks is the first book of an epic fantasy series following the fates of eight magic users and their fight against the fanatic Priests of the Holy Empire.

If you enjoy fast-paced adventures, exotic settings, creative use of magic, occasional romantic subplots and the long arc of destiny, South Breaks by Hannah Steenbock is the perfect book to start a new series with.

Best reading order:

Winds of Destiny

South Breaks

West Flows

East Roars

North Shatters

Pillars of the Empire

Earth Splits

Sky Falls

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