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West Flows - Winds of Destiny Book 2

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A Daring Escape. A New Power. A Love’s Dream

On the journey to his pyramid, West tries to accept his impending death. Little solace can be gained from a Priestess who is too clingy and smothering. When West flings himself into the harbor on the eve of his sacrifice, he discovers a magical power he never knew he had.

Fleeing the evil Priests, he seeks out the one person he knows who might help him develop his potential but they kick him out instead. Relying on his new power to survive, West returns to the Empire to spy and gain a place for himself, constantly risking discovery and death, both for him and his newfound love.

West Flows is the second book in an epic fantasy series following the adventures of eight magic wielders and their fight against the vile Priests of the Holy Empire.

If you enjoy a fast-paced adventure, clever mules, sweet love and brave determination in a cinnamon roll character, West Flows is the perfect continuation of the story about the Winds and their Destiny.

Best reading order:

Winds of Destiny

South Breaks

West Flows

East Roars

North Shatters

Pillars of the Empire

Earth Splits

Sky Falls

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