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East Roars - Winds of Destiny Book 3

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Another Pyramid. Another Sacrifice. A furious Wind.

East is walking to his death and the Priests are pushing him. That has always spurred his anger.

When the Head Priestess applies even more force, East’s anger kindles into a roaring storm. Blind with fury, he jumps off the pyramid and tumbles into a new life full of challenges.

Soon enough, East finds out that treachery and deceit rule the world even outside the Empire. Will he survive loss and betrayal? Will he let his anger consume him?

Dive into another fast-paced adventure with a powerful Wind who twists Fate into a new life.

Best reading order:

Winds of Destiny

South Breaks

West Flows

East Roars

North Shatters

Pillars of the Empire

Earth Splits

Sky Falls

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