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Earth Splits - Pillars of the Empire 1

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A dangerous secret. A desperate love. A terrible fate.

Earth Bear is a Pillar, wielding magical power, destined to be sacrificed for the greater good. She has a secret she’s keeping, protecting an enemy of the Empire from afar. In the night before her ritual death, he intervenes.

Too shocked to resist, Earth allows him to handle their escape. However, guilt about leaving her House to die and breaking her promise to her lover Sky poisons Earth’s heart. With the Empire’s army pursuing them into the Northlands, can Earth come to her senses before they all die?

“Earth Splits” continues the riveting fantasy series Winds of Destiny, returning to established places and bringing back favorite characters.

If you enjoy epic fantasy mixed with low magic, high adventure and slow burn romance, found family and embarrassing secrets, you will love the first book of the Pillars of the Empire by Hannah Steenbock.

Best reading order:

Winds of Destiny

South Breaks

West Flows

East Roars

North Shatters

Pillars of the Empire

Earth Splits

Sky Falls

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