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A Wolf's Honor - Wolves of the South 3

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Nessa McMullen is riding out of danger on her motorcycle.

She doesn’t get far before Hunters stop her. When a biker wolf pack comes to her rescue, she thinks she’s safe.

Little does she know that danger lurks even among those wolves.

When Nick Karagiannidis vows to help the hunted wolf girl even if it means questioning his loyalty to his pack leader, he is well aware that he is playing with fire.

Little does he know that his heart is playing a different game.

Can they escape the pack leader’s lethal wrath? And will Nick listen to his heart?

This is book 3 in the Wolves of the South Series.

While all the books in the series work as stand-alones, it is best to read them in order:

A Wolf’s Quest

A Wolf’s Fear

A Wolf’s Honor

A Wolf’s Fury

A Wolf’s Fight

A Wolf’s Peril

A Wolf’s Christmas

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