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A Wolf's Fury - Wolves of the South 4

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Connor Hamilton inherited his pack leader’s phone, his jobs and his troubles.

After Reg’s death, Connor struggles to rebuild the pack and maintain its camps. Gaining unexpected help from Nick, he keeps the gigs going with a few wolves from Asheton.

Little does he know that the next security job will lead to much pain and heartache.

When Ashley Beechcroft tries in vain to persuade her handsome body guard to spend a night in bed with her, she has no idea who exactly she is dallying with.

Little does she know that just hours later, her life will turn upside down.

Can Connor make the right choices in the face of mortal danger? Can Ashley find the courage to stand up for herself?

This is book 4 of the Wolves of the South series.

Best reading order:

A Wolf’s Quest

A Wolf’s Fear

A Wolf’s Honor

A Wolf’s Fury

A Wolf’s Fight

A Wolf’s Peril

A Wolf’s Christmas

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