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A Wolf's Fight - Wolves of the South 5

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Olivier Baillard lost his job, his home, and almost his life. And becomes something he does not want to be.

When his new doctor orders him to get more rest at a special rehab facility, he reluctantly agrees, knowing he will have to come to terms with his new life.

Little does he know that his old life will catch up with him with a vengeance.

Alice is fascinated by a new wolf, coming into his power much later than usual. Having been called in to heal his severe injury, she just wants to get him to a safe place and help him adjust to what he is.

Little does she know that the simple drive home will lead her and Olivier into mortal danger.

Can Olivier renounce his past? Can Alice learn to listen to her heart?

This is book 5 of the Wolves of the South series.

Best reading order:

A Wolf’s Quest

A Wolf’s Fear

A Wolf’s Honor

A Wolf’s Fury

A Wolf’s Fight

A Wolf’s Peril

A Wolf’s Christmas

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